XMReality Remote Guidance

Why invest in a remote support solution?

The most important part of a new investment is that it is profitabel longterm. We have summarized why industry leaders decided to invest in remote support, and why it can be profitable for your company as well.

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Increase efficiency

Over 30% faster problem resolution compared to a standard video call – and 50% less errors. Remote Guidance takes video calls to the next level.


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Drive revenue

25% service level enhancement, 21% increase first time fix rate and up to 70% reduced time for equipment repairs. No need to say that this reduces cost and drives revenue!

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Boost customer satisfaction (NPS)

Increase NPS with 30% by using XMReality Remote Guidance to support your customers. It’s not just you that benefits – so does your customers.

A new way to increase revenue!

XMReality Remote Guidance opens up the possibility to create new revenue streams within you company's customer support. In addition to existing support systems, you can offer your customers a remote assistance package

The remote assistance package opens up for the possibility for your costumers to quickly get in touch with a senior technician that can support in needed activities in the field operators whenever needed. It allows you to provide the necessary assistance to your customers, without sending a technician on-site. You can resolve customers' issues quickly while increasing cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. 

Why do other companies invest in remote support?

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Electrolux use remote support to shorten downtimes, increase productivity, save running costs and be able to focus on the customers experience.
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SACMI wanted to create a new revenue stream by implementing remote support and providing their customers with technical assistance remotely.
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IMI Critical Engineering implemented remote support to solve customer issues quickly, so that sites can be back to running at optimum efficiency as soon as possible.
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Sustainable solutions for longterm benefits

At XMReality we believe that a great product also needs to be a sustainable product, both when it comes to financial, social and environmental aspects.

That’s why we are proud that our remote support solution contributes to all three of those aspects by creating financial value for companies, encouraging knowledge transfer and safe working conditions and having a positive impact on the environment. Here you can read more about how XMReality Remote Guidance contributes to lower CO2 emissions through reduced travels.

How do you get the most out of remote support?

We have managed to find 3 key success factors for our customers for successful implementation:
1. Make sure you have defined your use cases and goals
2. Assign responsibilities within your organisation
3. Make sure that everyone receives clear introduction whether you will de a administrator, a person supporting or someone receiving support