XMReality Remote Guidance

Web Guide Station

We are happy to introduce our Web Guide Station - a web based and light-weight application for remote support that allows you to log into our solution using a web browser on your computer.

  • Runs in any browser without installing any software
  • Compatible with XMReality Pointpad for enhanced Hands overlay 
  • Web Guide Station opens up for using the solution with multiple operating systems
  • Initial feature set tailored for Helpdesk and sending Call Links
  • It takes less than a 1 minute to get started

Web Guide Station is available for all Enterprise users and no installation or activation required.

How to use the Web Guide Station

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Open up a tab in an Edge, Chrome or Safari browser
  2. Go to guidestation.xmreality.com
  3. Log in to your XMReality Enterprise Account
  4. Once logged in, enter the Recipient name, for example:
    • the name of the person you will be guiding
    • the serial number of a machine
    • a case reference
    • a combination of several of them like "Michael #985"
  5. Select if you would like to Give guidance to the receiver of the link or Get guidance from the receiver.
    • If you select Give guidance, the receivers camera will be automatically shared once the call is started.
    • If you select Get guidance, you will have to share your camera once the call is started. 
  6. Create a call link. Once created, you will get the option of either sending it out as a text message to the receiver’s phone number or copy the link and send it.


Connecting the call

  • When the receiver clicks on the link, they will get the question to allow the page to access their camera and microphone. Once they have allowed that, they can click "Start call"

  • You will now receive an incoming call. If you accept it, you will immediately see what the other end is seeing and can use tools like Pointer, Drawing and even Hands overlay, provided that you have a PointPad connected.
    • To connect the Pointpad, simply plug it in to your computer and flip the switch in the Web Guide Station and you're instantly ready to use Hands overlay without any configuration