What is remote support?

Remote support gives your people the skills, knowledge, and support they need – where and when they need them. So how do you get started, and is it the right solution for your business?


First things first, what is a Remote Support solution?

Remote support allows you to see what your customer or colleague sees and guide them as if you were right by their side. Remote support software allows you to send a call link to anyone you want and start a shared video stream where you have multitude powerful remote support tools to use for giving support. The XMReality Remote Guidance software is built on Augmented Reality technology and provides unique hands overlay guidance as one of the many remote support tools. You will therefore be able to collaborate in an interactive environment where speech, video and guiding tools combined makes for faster problem resolution.

Remote support opens up the possibility to provide instant support and increase efficiency within an organization. Therefore, remote support has become more important than ever in today's business environment, and the need for remote support software as increased since the pandemic started. Much because with restricted travel, remote support allows companies to provide the necessary assistance to customers, without sending a technician on-site. It speeds up the problem solving process, while increasing cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. 

How does Remote Support differ from a Video Call?

To start with, the entire purpose of using each solution is very different. Yes, both solutions focus on connecting people, but the main reason to connect is fundamentally different. 

With a regular video call, you usually want to have a conversation with your friends or family where you also can see each other - to make it more similar to meet “IRL”. So most of the time you look at each other, even if you might turn the camera around to show your cat doing something funny.

In a remote support call, the purpose is not to look at each other, but instead to jointly look at the same problem. Instead of ‘person one’ seeing ‘person two’ and vice versa, in XMReality, both parties are looking at the same video feed. If I am connecting with a service technician to get help assessing a malfunctioning printer, seeing face-to-face video is not ideal. It’s much easier for us to collaborate if we both see a clear image of what my camera shows (the printer), versus me, only seeing a miniature version up in the left corner of the screen.

Solving problems with remote support has proven to be 30% faster and 50% less errors compared to a standard video call. So to summerize it, you can say that a remote support call is problem solving-focused while a video call is person-focused.

Do you want to know more about the difference? Read our blogpost about the subject here!

Is remote support safe?

When using any type of communication service you of course want to make sure that your data is secure - especially if you use it to conduct business. You should always review the data security of the software and apps your business applies, and here are some areas to help you assess the security:

  • Where is the data stored?
  • What data is stored?
  • Are the calls encrypted?
  • How and where are images or recordings made during the call being stored?
  • Is the solution GDPR compliant?

Read more about data security in our blogpost.


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Increase efficiency

Over 30% faster problem resolution compared to a standard video call – and 50% less errors. Remote Guidance takes video calls to the next level.

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Drive revenue

25% service level enhancement, 21% increase first time fix rate and up to 70% reduced time for equipment repairs. No need to say that this reduces cost and drives revenue!

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Boost customer satisfaction (NPS)

Increase NPS with 30% by using XMReality Remote Guidance to support your customers. It’s not just you that benefits – so does your customers.

A guide for better remote support

Your Handbook to Succeeding with Remote Support

In this guide, we will take you through the most common challenges, how to tackle them and which tools you should consider.


How does a Remote Support Solution work? 


On what hardware can you use remote support?

From a desktop: you can access a remote support tool through any browser. And if you add XMReality's Pointpad, you can to turn any windows computer into a powerful Guidestation, perfect for in-house Helpdesk professionals or Technical support centers and an enhanced AR remote support toll: hands overlay. 
From a smart phone: download a remote support application to your smart phone and have access to your remote support solution. Use the app to create a call link and send to anyone that needs remote support or needs supporting.
Through smart glasses: when doing more complex work, installing the remote support software to you smart glasses provide an excellent way to be able to work hands free while receiving instructions from afar. Find out if your business is in the need of smart glasses. 

Different use areas for remote support:

You can practically solve any issues with remote support, but there are some areas that are more common when using remote support. We have listed XMReality's customers most common use cases. 

Customer support: to help with troubleshooting, diagnose the error and guiding the customer to solve the issue
Maintenance: assess the situation before planned maintenance and get help during unscheduled maintenance
Internal support: knowledge sharing between colleagues
Inspections and audits: with features such as annotations in call, document sharing and recording of the call, you will be able to replace part of your inspection travels with a remote solution. It also allows you to:

  • Increase inspection frequency at very low additional cost
  • Better utilization of one of your most valuable resources - your employees
  • Reduction of costs (and also reduction of your CO2 footprint

Installations and commissioning: use remote support to guide the customer through steps in an installation process.

  • Invite experts in addition to your own personnel when needed in the installation process
  • Have several people join the call to make sure the right expertise is at hand
  • During commissioning stage, fast and precise help can be crucial when problems arise unexpectedly 

Read more in depth about our 5 most common usecases.

Best practices when using remote support in technical projects

Once realizing that remote work is on the rise and will be an essentiell part in many industries, establishing the best way to get the most out of the tool will be crucial.  This might be quite straightforward for desktop jobs, but a bit more complicated for technical projects. Here are some key success factors for successful remote collaboration in technical projects:

  1. Evaluate the skill level of your remote team before starting the project
  2. Trust your technicians and take it step-by-step
  3. Explore opportunities within the remote environment beforehand
  4. Your Wi-Fi is your lifeline, make sure it works properly
  5. Enable your customers to use your remote support solution


The best way to get started:

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Define use cases and goals

It is very important that your company agrees on why you need remote support. Is it to solve bottlenecks? Or to save costs? When you have agreed on your use cases, set goals in order for you to be able to measure and evaluate your work.  

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Assign responsibilities

When starting off with Remote Guidance, assigning responsibilities within your organization is crucial. Who will use remote support on a daily basis? Who is in charge of assessing and following up your efforts? Make sure the people involved know their responsibilities.

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Clear introduction to users

Lastly, we have seen that a key success factor for a smooth start to your remote support experience is a clear introduction to new users. Make sure all users knows the possibilities and features of a remote support tool to make sure you get the most out of it. 

Find out if you are ready for remote support

Who should be using Remote Support?

Are you in doubt if a remote support solution is the right fit for your business, or if you are ready to implement such a solution? We have put together a quiz so you can do a self-assessment and get tips from our experts based on your results. 



Why should you invest in remote support?

Investing in a remote support solution will save your company both time and money. It will decrease the time support technicians spend on traveling och they can utilize the time more efficiently and help more customers. Remote support can also create completely new service revenues for your company.

Create a new service revenue

Remote support solutions like XMReality Remote Guidance opens up the possibility to create new revenue streams within a company's customer support. In addition to existing support systems, companies can offer your customers a remote assistance package. The remote support package opens up for the possibility for a company's costumers to quickly get in touch with a senior technician that can support in needed activities when field operators need it. It allows companies to provide the necessary assistance to customers, without sending a technician on-site. Customers' issues can quickly be resolved while increasing cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. 

Read more about how remote support can open up a new service revenue stream.

4 ways remote support can increase your company's revenue 

By using remote support software like  XMReality Remote Guidance, companies can offer support from the comfort of their office. But how does this translate into increased revenue? We explain this by listing 4 different ways remote support translates to increased service revenue for your company. 

1. Lower labour costs and additional value
2. Help more customers in the same time period - Increase your resource efficiency
3. Provide instant support

4. Create additional service offerings

Read more about how you can increase your revenue here!

Sustainable solutions for longterm benefits

At XMReality we believe that a great product also needs to be a sustainable product, both when it comes to financial, social and environmental aspects. That’s why we are proud that our remote support solution contributes to all three of those aspects by creating financial value for companies, encouraging knowledge transfer and safe working conditions and having a positive impact on the environment

Around 16 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions comes from transportation and travels. For many companies business travels can represent up to 50 percent of their greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting down on travels is therefore one important action we can take to reduce CO2 emissions. For example a round-trip flight from London to New York emits around 980 kg of CO2. There are 56 countries in the world where the average person emits less carbon dioxide than this in a whole year – from Burundi in Africa to Paraguay in South America. Replacing part of business travels, especially international flights, with Remote Guidance calls is therefore a very effective way to cut down CO2 emissions for companies. Based on our customers’ input our solution replaces at least 25 000 travels per year. If we assume that the average travel is a two hours flight, and then return, this corresponds to more than 10 000 tonnes of reduced CO2 emission annually.


IMI v1-1
IMI Critical Engineering implemented remote support to solve customer issues quickly, so that sites can be back to running at optimum efficiency as soon as possible.
SAAB conducted a 200 hour check of the RTAF Gripen fighters using XMReality remote guidance, ensuring 100% availability.
Electrolux Professional
Electrolux use remote support to shorten downtimes, increase productivity, save running costs and be able to focus on the customers experience.

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