The Ultimate Guide to Remote Guidance and Support

Remote support gives your people the skills, knowledge, and support they need – where and when they need them. So how do you get started, and is it the right solution for your business?

First things first, what is Remote Support?

Remote support has become more important than ever in today's business environment. It allows you to provide the necessary assistance to your customers, without sending a technician on-site. You can resolve customers' issues quickly while increasing cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Read more about what remote support is here!


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Your Handbook to Succeeding with Remote Support

In this guide, we will take you through the most common challenges, how to tackle them and which tools you should consider.

Best practices in Remote Support and Collaboration

With remote work on the rise, the importance of establishing best practices for remote working is essential to keep efficiency up. This might be quite straightforward for desktop jobs, but a bit more complicated for technical projects. Here are some key success factors for successful remote collaboration in technical projects:

  1. Evaluate the skill level of your remote team before starting the project
  2. Trust your technicians and take it step-by-step
  3. Explore opportunities within the remote environment beforehand
  4. Your Wi-Fi is your lifeline, make sure it works properly
  5. Enable your customers to use your remote support solution


What about Data Security in Remote Support?

When using any type of communication service you of course want to make sure that your data is secure - especially if you use it to conduct business. You should always review the data security of the software and apps your business applies, and here are some areas to help you assess the security:

  • Where is the data stored?
  • What data is stored?
  • Are the calls encrypted?
  • How and where are images or recordings made during the call being stored?
  • Is the solution GDPR compliant?


To learn more about data security in  remote support, read our article on the subject.


How does Remote Support differ from a Video Call?

Frequently we get the question, “Why do I need your remote support solution when I can just use a normal video call?”. This is a valid question, so we have compared the two. 

To start with, the entire purpose of using each solution is very different. Yes, both solutions focus on connecting people, but the main reason to connect is fundamentally different. 

With a regular video call, you usually want to have a conversation with your friends or family where you also can see each other - to make it more similar to meet “IRL”. So most of the time you look at each other, even if you might turn the camera around to show your cat doing something funny.

In a remote support call, the purpose is not to look at each other, but instead to jointly look at the same problem. Instead of ‘person one’ seeing ‘person two’ and vice versa, in XMReality, both parties are looking at the same video feed. If I am connecting with a service technician to get help assessing a malfunctioning printer, seeing face-to-face video is not ideal. It’s much easier for us to collaborate if we both see a clear image of what my camera shows (the printer), versus me, only seeing a miniature version up in the left corner of the screen.

Solving problems with remote support has proven to be 30% faster and 50% less errors compared to a standard video call. So to summerize it, you can say that a remote support call is problem solving-focused while a video call is person-focused. 


Read more in our article: Video Calls vs. Remote Guidance - the Pros and Cons For Each

How does a Remote Support Solution work? 

XMReality's remote support solution allows you to see what your customer or colleague sees and guide them as if you were right by their side. 



XMReality Remote Guidance is a remote support solution that gives your people the skills, knowledge and support they need – where and when they need them. Send a call link to anyone you want and start a shared video stream where you have a multitude of powerful tools to use for giving remote support.

Together you collaborate in an interactive environment where speech, video and guiding tools combined makes for faster problem resolution.


Why do other companies invest in remote support?


The most important part of a new investment is that it is profitabel longterm, whether the goal is to increase efficiency, drive revenue or boost customer satisfaction. We have summarized why industry leaders decided to invest in remote support, and why it can be profitable for your company as well.


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Increase efficiency

Over 30% faster problem resolution compared to a standard video call – and 50% less errors. Remote Guidance takes video calls to the next level.

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Drive revenue

25% service level enhancement, 21% increase first time fix rate and up to 70% reduced time for equipment repairs. No need to say that this reduces cost and drives revenue!

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Boost customer satisfaction (NPS)

Increase NPS with 30% by using XMReality Remote Guidance to support your customers. It’s not just you that benefits – so does your customers.


Sustainable solutions for longterm benefits

At XMReality we believe that a great product also needs to be a sustainable product, both when it comes to financial, social and environmental aspects.

That’s why we are proud that our remote support solution contributes to all three of those aspects by creating financial value for companies, encouraging knowledge transfer and safe working conditions and having a positive impact on the environment. Here you can read more about how XMReality Remote Guidance contributes to lower CO2 emissions through reduced travels.

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Remote Support for your industry

Our remote support solution for enterprise transforms the way that you can support your customers – no matter where they are. Explore how XMReality Remote Guidance can be used for your industry or contact us directly for any other specific need.

Remote support for Manufacturing

Drive operational excellence by using XMReality Remote Guidance when you monitor, analyze and optimize your production process.

Remote support for Facility Management

Work towards continuous improvement and efficiency in the housing sector by using XMReality Remote Guidance to manage instant repairs and property maintenance.


Remote support for Food and Beverage

Drive operational excellence by using XMReality Remote Guidance when you monitor, analyze and optimize your production process.

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