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Norden Machinery performs a 100% remote installation using XMReality Remote Guidance

Norden Machinery broadened the benefit of its XMReality Remote Guidance solution when it installed a new filling machine at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Turkey. The installation was carried out entirely remotely.

Norden says it now plans to use XMReality Remote Guidance in other commissioning and installation projects. Project manager and Field Engineer Customer Service Thomas Sandgren shares the story, and key success factors.

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Norden Machinery overcame travel restrictions and set a new standard

When tough COVID-19 travel restrictions were imposed in Turkey, Norden Machinery AB, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance tube-filling systems, faced a difficult decision: A major pharmaceutical client needed to install a new tube filling machine at its manufacturing facility outside Istanbul. With its installation engineer unable to travel there, Norden had to decide whether to attempt an entirely remote installation, the first in its history.

“It was a big decision and we couldn’t guarantee success,” says Thomas Sandgren at Norden Machinery

What finally made us decide ‘yes’ was that we had an experienced team onsite who had already worked with earlier versions of our machines. If the customer had been starting from scratch it would have been very difficult. Plus, we had a well-equipped installation environment, the customer gave us full access to their security cameras. So, together we decided to go for it.

A challenging start, but the project soon saw success

Despite the planning however, the first two days were challenging. The initial remote setup used the site’s onsite cameras plus WhatsApp. “We had constant problems with lagging and connection” says Sandgren, “there was a 20-second delay which was extremely frustrating on both sides. I decided ‘OK this isn’t working’ and we switched to XMReality Remote Guidance. We noticed the instant connection and advantages immediately.

Successful remote collaboration is a careful balancing act between trust and support, instruction and independence. The more the support desk knows about the skills level of the remote team the better they can delegate tasks without having to micromanage every component. To better facilitate planning and interaction Norden gave the client their own license and login to XMReality Remote Guidance. “This meant the customer could call any time without me having to send them links” says Sandgren.

The machine was successfully installed and no follow-up service issues or problems were reported afterwards. The project was completed on schedule in two weeks. Onsite installation would have taken one week, with travel and accommodation costs for the installation engineer. Sandgren points out that with remote installation he was able to take part in other projects as well during the two weeks.

“Even two years ago we thought of Remote Guidance as a tool primarily for troubleshooting, but it’s become something more than that. Remote installation still depends a lot on the complexity of the machine. Installing single machines like this one is perfectly possible remotely. This proves it can be done!”


Learn what it takes to carry out a remote installation

In the case of Norden Machinery the project turned out to be a great success and has opened up for new was of working. But this was not because of luck, instead it was a result of careful planning and a well structured project. Download the full story where Thomas Sandgren, who led the installation, lists the five key success factors behind this project.

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