XMReality Remote Guidance

Boost operational performance with
Remote Inspections

Join industry leaders like Nestlé, ABB, Electrolux & more who leverage XMReality Remote Guidance to:

- Maintain & improve supply base performance without traveling

- Cut up to 50% of recurring supplier follow-up cost

- Solve up to 90% of audits without having to travel


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50-80% of pre-installation inspection visits were shifted to virtual visits using XMReality Remote Guidance. 
Audits and inspection of goods  and parts are performed remotely to save time and optimize travel within the company.
Remote Guidance was used to conduct a 200 hour check of the RTAF Gripen fighters remotely. Ensuring 100% availability.

With Remote Guidance you can do all of the following remotely:

  • General Visual Inspections
  • Material Review Boards, MRBs
  • Audits and documentation
  • Mandatory Inspection Points, MIPs
  • Key Inspection Points, KIPs
  • Final Acceptance Tests, FATs
  • Incoming Inspections
  • Commissioning of new product equipment

Leverage remote inspections and audits with your entire team

With our solution you can be several people in one call. Meaning that you can bring in people regardless of their location and assemble the perfect team for each inspection, no matter where they are located.

Using our product to replace part of your travels with remote inspections and audits offers a wide set of advantages:

  • Increase inspection frequency at very low additional cost
  • Better utilization of one of your most valuable resources - your employees
  • Reduction of costs (and also reduction of your CO2 footprint), see an example below

Real numbers on how much you can save:

We have customers that have managed to move 90% of their inspections to being carried out remotely! But for this example we will assume a more moderate figure of 50% of your delivery inspections (where you normally would need to travel to your supplier) being carried out remotely.

If your company on average carries out 100 delivery inspections per month that requires travel, you would cut that to half. Let's assume that the average travel time is 8 hours (back and forth) and the average travel cost is $500. With an hourly cost for your employees of $100 the cost of the trip amounts to $1,300.

So by replacing 50 travels per month you could get a direct saving of $65,000 per month. 

Not to mention that your company will improve their carbon footprint and each employee can have more time freed up for other tasks that in turn can drive your operational performance and revenue generation.

Want to look into how much your organization could save? Get in contact with one of our sales people to help evaluate your use cases!

Key Features for Remote Inspection

With XMReality Remote Guidance Enterprise edition you have the following key functions when performing inspections and audits

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Annotations in call

During the call you can make annotations to document the different steps or checkpoints that you are performing. It's a great way to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

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Document sharing

You can share documents and images with the other participants in the call. This makes it easy to for example compare a component with its specification to make sure that the final result is correct.

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Record the call

Perhaps the most important function when doing an inspection or audit remote is the possibility to record and save the session. That way you have clear audio and visual documentation of each session.

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