XMReality Remote Guidance

XMReality Q4 2020 Product Release

The latest release of XMReality Remote Guidance contains four new product features which we will walk you through:

A detailed description of all the features can be found in our release notes which you can download here.

Group Calls with web users

One of the functions of our Enterprise solution is Group Calls. This means that you can be up to five people in a call, collaborating to fix an issue, or in other cases some people are there just to learn or inspect.

Up until now it has only been possible to add existing XMReality users to these calls. But now it will be possible to add participants using the call link feature - meaning that you can invite anyone you want regardless if they are a XMReality user or not.

This enables you to have a group call even if only one person in the call have an XMReality account. All people having an XMReality account will be able to invite new people into the call.

NOTE: This feature will be available for all Enterprise users and the maximum number of participants is five.

Extended Web Client Customization

When using Call Links you can contact basically anyone who has a smart device and connect with them. The use cases are numerous and sometimes a specific use case might require you to configure the experience prior to a call to comply with contract terms.

Therefore we have now added additional customization options to Call Links, so you can customize the text which is displayed before starting the call. Here you can add for example a link to terms and conditions and adapt the text on the button to say that the user accepts by starting the call.

NOTE: This feature is part of the branding commercial package and is not included in a standard Enterprise license.

Remote Control

When you use XMReality Remote Guidance together with smart glasses the purpose is to have both hands free. When being guided with smart glasses it is usually preferable to have as little interaction with the user interface as possible, to better focus on the task at hand. Because of this we have added a 'Remote zoom' functionality when talking to someone using smart glasses. This means that:

  • You can remotely control the zoom function on the smart glasses
  • You can remotely zoom from Windows, Android and iOS clients as well as from the web client
  • Zoom buttons (+ and -) will automatically appear if the smart glasses has a zoom function

NOTE: This will be available for all Enterprise users and is supported on all smart glasses that you can use XMReality with.

New Seat Licensing Model

We are seeing an increased interest in our Seat Licenses and have now re-done the setup to better support administration. Here is a summary of the concept: 

  • Multiple users (with separate usernames+passwords) can share a pool of seats.
  • Each seat can only be used by one user at the time, and only on one device at the time
  • You can divide your seats into multiple pools and attach users to these.
  • Pools and seat users are managed by the customer in the admin portal
  • Pools can be configured to automatically log out inactive users after a configurable time. Unresponsive seat users can also be logged out by the administrator

NOTE: This is a license model within the Enterprise edition. All customers that currently have a Seat License will be converted to this new setup and can read more in our guide.

Get an introduction to all the new features together with our CTO, Per Unell

XMReality Q4 2020 Product release walk-through