XMReality Remote Guidance

Product Release Q1 2021

XMReality's latest product updates includes several new functions. As a compliment to our Windows Guide Station, we are very happy to introduce our new 'Web Guide Station'. It will allow you to log into XMReality Remote Guidance solution using a web browser on your computer, a lightweight and zero install Remote Guidance Solution.

The product update includes:

  • Web Guide Station: access our guiding features through a web browser on your computer - including Hands-Overlay
  • Statistics selector in admin portal: filter on statistics in the admin portal by selecting team, role, license model or seat pool 
  • Log-in code in app: use QR code for an easier log-in with smart glasses
  • Remote control flashlight: we are expanding our remote control to include managing flashlight when guiding someone using smart glasses
  • Rate your call: in order to make sure we continue to deliver a high quality service we will ask app users to rate the call quality

NOTE: All of the features above are only part of the Enterprise edition except for 'Rate your call'.

Web Guide Station

We are happy to introduce our Web Guide Station- a web based and light weight application for remote support that allows you to log into our solution using a web browser on your computer.

  • Run in any modern browser without installation any software
  • Compatible with XMReality Pointpad for the best Hands Overlay experience
  • The XMReality desktop application is currently only available for Windows - the Web Guide Station opens up for use with other operating systems
  • Initial feature set tailored for Helpdesk - focus on sending Call Links
  • Very easy to get started - sign in with your XMReality account and start using Remote Guidance

Access the web based guide station here: guidestation.xmreality.com
NOTE: Available for all Enterprise users and no installation or activation required.

Statistics selector in admin portal

Statistics are very important to be able to track usage and KPI’s. Previously only date filtering or bulk export has been possible in our solution. We have now added a new module that allows admins to filter statistics on specific users, teams or license model.

  • In the domain page of the admin portal a new Filter statistics card has been added
  • Choose between User, Team and License type
  • It is now possible to search for specific or multiple users
  • The date selector now allows to pick longer time spans than 60 days

Improvements for smart glasses

QR login code in app
Entering login credentials on Smart Glasses can be very cumbersome and detract usage, so we have made it easier to login:

  • Users are now able to create a QR code in the app and scan it with their Smart Glasses to instantly sign in to their XMReality account

Remote Control
We also added the feature of Remote Flashlight for you to be able to remotely control the flashlight function on smart glasses:

  • You can remotely turn on the flashlight from Windows, Android and iOS clients as well as from the web client

Rate your call

  • In order to make sure we continue to deliver a high quality service we will ask app users to rate the call quality
  • This will help us improve our service
  • The data will not immediately be available in the portal

Get a demonstration of all new features in this video

Watch this recording from one of the webinars hosted prior to the product release. In this webinar you get a walk-though of all the new features and functions by our CTO Per Unell.

XMReality Product Release Q1 | Webinar 23rd of March