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Language support

We are happy to introduce extended Language support within our Web clients and applications that simplifies the use of  XMReality Remote Guidance.

With increased language support, and the platform and hardware independence in place, we enable companies globally to scale XMReality even broader. The new language support functionality makes it easier to add more languages whenever needed. The combination of guidance features and multiple languages help our customers and partners to bridge language barriers and become even more efficient in expanding into their markets.

Smarter communication and less barriers allows for faster, more secure ability to help people all over the world, meeting a diverse audience. It will also make it easier for workers to reach out for help when both the caller and the recipient can view the app in their own language. Those who resell XMReality Remote Guidance as a part of their offer, will experience less friction in both packaging and marketing of the solution.

XMReality is now available in:

Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Spanish.


Language support

How the translation works

The language will adopt depending on the users setting on their mobile device or desktop.

  • The Language within the Remote Guidance software applied will be the same as the users language setting on the specific device (Mobile, or Desktop)

  • The Web client language will follow the call link receiver's device language settings

Example: If Peter will be using his desktop with Spanish settings, the Remote guidance Windows client will be translated into Spanish. When Peter sends a SMS towards his colleague David having Russian settings, the web client will be translated into Russian. 


XMReality Remote Guidance Product Updates

At XMReality we continuously improve our solution by regular updates to our software. Below you'll find the lates impovements: 

Updates from Q1 2021 

Updates from Q4 2020

Smaller Improvements:

Seat user
Improved features for seat users
If a seat user is logged in one device (for example a computer), he/she will automatically be logged out from this device, when trying to log in on another with the same account.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Federated login support improvements now enables the ability to log in to admin web portal using federated login.

Domain administrators
Improved domain log for domain administrators
All domain activities are now available for domain admins such as added user and deleted user, in addition to call history. This is added as a new filter within the domain in the logs-tab.
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