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XMReality Teams integration is live!

Imagine having a chat conversation over Teams with someone that needs your assistance, and then be able to share a Remote Guidance Call link to initiate a call.

XMReality Remote Guidance is now available in Microsoft Teams store and gives you the possibility to share a XMReality Remote Guidance call link via Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) chat. This simplifies the initiation of a remote support call, making it easier than ever before to solve problems remote.



Latest news

XMReality's latest updates includes several new features and other general news. Teams integration for make it easier to share XMReality Call links.  Separately, a new feature to Show recordings from mobile applications have been launched.

NOTE: All of the features above are part of the Enterprise edition.

XMReality Remote Guidance Product Updates

At XMReality we continuously improve our solution by regular updates to our software. Below you'll find the lates improvements: 

Updates from Q2 2021 

Updates from Q1 2021 

Updates from Q4 2020

Smaller Improvements:

Seat user
Improved features for seat users
If a seat user is logged in one device (for example a computer), he/she will automatically be logged out from this device, when trying to log in on another with the same account.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Federated login support improvements now enables the ability to log in to admin web portal using federated login.

Domain administrators
Improved domain log for domain administrators
All domain activities are now available for domain admins such as added user and deleted user, in addition to call history. This is added as a new filter within the domain in the logs-tab.
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