XMReality Remote Guidance

How do you get the most out of your remote support tool?

Once realizing that remote work is on the rise and will be an essentiell part in many industries, establishing the best way to get the most out of the tool will be crucial. We have summarized key success factors from our customers for you to get right on track with your remote collaboration.

3 key success factors when starting with remote support:

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Define use cases and goals

It is very important that your company agrees on why you need remote support. Is it to solve bottlenecks? Or to save costs? When you have agreed on your use cases, set goals in order for you to be able to measure and evaluate your work.  


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Assign responsibilities

When starting off with Remote Guidance, assigning responsibilities within your organization is crucial. Who will use remote support on a daily basis? Who is in charge of assessing and following up your efforts? Make sure the people involved know their responsibilities.

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Clear introduction to users

Lastly, we have seen that a key success factor for a smooth start to your remote support experience is a clear introduction to new users. Make sure all users knows the possibilities and features of a remote support tool to make sure you get the most out of it.   

XMReality Remote Guidance

Our most common use cases

  • Customer support: to help with troubleshooting, diagnose the error and guiding the customer to solve the issue
  • Maintenance: assess the situation before planned maintenance and get help during unscheduled maintenance
  • Internal support: knowledge sharing between colleagues

These are just an example of the many different areas in which you can use remote support. 

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Inspections and audits

Remote support is successfully applicable when conducting inspections and audits. With features such as annotations in call, document sharing and recording of the call, you will be able to replace part of your inspection travels with a remote solution. It also allows you to:

  • Increase inspection frequency at very low additional cost
  • Better utilization of one of your most valuable resources - your employees
  • Reduction of costs (and also reduction of your CO2 footprint)

How other companies use XMReality Remote Guidance:

Coesia use remote support as a cost-effective way to extend the capability of in-house maintenance personnel and deliver essential service results, like faster diagnosis, troubleshooting and resolution, and reduced service cost
SAAB conducted a 200 hour check of the RTAF Gripen fighters using XMReality remote guidance, ensuring 100% availability.
ABB use remote support to reduce response time - leading to financial savings for the customer by reducing downtime and increasing productivity, as well as including the solution as part of ABB's sales value proposition.
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Installations and commissioning

Use remote support to guide the customer through steps in an installation process.

  • Invite experts in addition to your own personnel when needed in the installation process
  • Have several people join the call to make sure the right expertise is at hand
  • During commissioning stage, fast and precise help can be crucial when problems arise unexpectedly

Get more inspiration about remote support and guidance!

How can you use XMReality Remote Guidance?

  • From a desktop: access you remote support tool through any browser. And if you add XMReality's Pointpad , you can to turn any windows computer into a powerful Guidestation, perfect for in-house Helpdesk professionals or Technical support centers.
  • From a smart phone: download XMReality to your smart phone and have access to your remote support solution. Use the app to create a link and send to anyone that needs remote support or needs supporting.
  • Through smart glasses: When doing more complex work, smart glasses provide an excellent way to be able to work hands free. Find out if your business is in the need of smart glasses. 

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