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Four Reasons to Use Augmented Reality in Remote Support

XMReality carried out an extensive Field Study to compare which technology is more effective at giving remote support: XMReality’s AR-enabled remote guidance solution, or a standard video call. We’d like to share the findings.

The Four Key findings when comparing XMReality remote guidance to a standard video call:

#1: 84 % prefer XMReality remote guidance to a standard video call.
Positive features highlighted by our test subjects: “intuitive”, “gives direct visual feedback”, “more possibilities for the expert to guide you”, “pedagogical”, “easy to adjust”, “good when there is a language barrier”.

#2: Problem solving is 32 % faster with XMReality remote guidance than a standard video call.
How much could 32 % faster problem resolution save you? A recent report found that 82 % of the global industrial companies surveyed had experienced unplanned downtime in the past three years. The average outage was four hours. The average cost was 2 MUSD. 32 % of that? 640,000 USD.

#3: 50 % fewer errors occurred when using XMReality remote guidance compared to a standard video call.
Yes. You read that right. Video calls involved far more trial and error when solving the test problem. With XMReality remote guidance, test subjects saw the expert’s hands showing them exactly how to place the right parts, in the right place, in real time. No complex verbal instructions needed.

#4: Users perceived XMReality remote guidance as more efficient than a standard video call.
Perception is everything. When users feel they can solve things more efficiently —they do. Net perceived efficiency, measured as a net promoting score (NPS), was far higher for XMReality remote guidance (52) than a standard video call (-13). Users felt it was helping them more efficiently. And so it became: speed and accuracy were measurably improved.

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